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riley defense ak for sale

riley defense ak for sale. This is Riley Defenses version of the American made classical AK-74 rifle (5.45 x39mm) and measures 35.25” in overall length.



  • Stained solid TEAK wood butt stock, upper and lower hand guards and polymer pistol grip.
  • Black oxide finish
  • Fully Heat-Treated, Mil-spec stamped Receiver
  • Chrome-Lined Barrel (16.25” length), 24 x1.5 RH thread
  • FORGED Trunion, bolt and carrier
  • Machined scope mount side rail
  • Front and rear sight (both adjustable)
  • Bolt hold open Safety Lever
  • Bayonet Lug
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Extended magazine release
  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Semi-automatic closed-bolt action
  • Caliber: 5.45 x 39 mm
  • Range: 350yds (effective), 1000 yds (Max)


The Riley Defense Ak-47 is a prized possession for any gun enthusiast. With a rugged design and reliable performance, this rifle is a “must have” for those who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and want the power of a 5.45x39mm caliber cartridge in their collection. This collector’s grade AK rifle features an engraved teak wood handguard and holds 100 rounds of 5.45×39 caliber ammunition panned out in two 30-round magazines and an additional 20 rounds in the chamber for a total of 120 rounds before reloading is needed! The Riley Defense RAK74-C comes complete with 2x 30 round mags included in stubby polymer composite case.

Riley Defense RAK 74-C 5.45X39 Rifle , a true battle rifle built for real life use and that has been built to last. The original RAK-74 was designed in the 1970s and made many improvements over its predecessor the AK-47. One of most notable improvements was changing from wood furniture to synthetic, thereby saving valuable resources.

When you need the absolute best in out-of-this-world performance and quality, you go with RILEY DEFENSE AK RIFLE – CLASSIC TEAK. This perfect piece that will keep going strong for years. The reason why so many people love it so much is that it is extremely impressive, with a wonderful experience for everyone who comes in contact with it. The overall authentic design, shape and style add to the already exceptional performance of this product, especially when it comes to the uniqueness of the looks. It is excellent quality because it was created by professionals with years of experience in the industry of producing firearms.

The Riley Defense RA-74C is designed for discriminating purists of the AK-47 family of rifles. The 16.25 inch chrome lined barrel, stamped receiver and authentic rivets give it an authentic feel and appearance. The rear sight has flip up aperture sights allowing you to use either a peep or open style sight picture

Riley Defense is proud to introduce the all new RAK74, which is inspired by 1961 Soviet/Russian AK-47. Starting with the same platform as our popular RAK47, we stripped it down to the bare essentials. This version is more of a direct copy from the original, albeit in a more practical configuration while still retaining that classic style look. We kept it simple and came up with a rifle that will retain its value over time. From thicker steel plates on all sides, we’ve added additional welds on the magazine well and extended top rail for future mounting options if needed. Built to last with pure admiration for vintage Soviet small arms design

The RiLEY Defense AK-74-C 5.45X39 rifle is a highly specialised, enhanced version of the AK-47 design. It is fully compliant with all BATF requirements including an FFL registration. The weapon has undergone extensive testing, both in the U.S. and in Russia (where it is known as the “Oracle”).

The RAK74’s furniture is made of walnut, a very durable hardwood that is resistant to cracking and warping. The stock has a classic teak oil finish and is built for functionality. The cheek riser can be adjusted to two different heights with the 2-inch diameter screw at the rear of the stock. The gas tube and spring guide are encased in an aluminum shroud making them nearly impervious to damage or snags. This rifle’s barrel measures 16.25 inches long giving it an overall length of 33 inches

The RAK74-C from Riley Defense takes standard AK-47 components and upgrades them to create a rifle that is more accurate, features more power and has more features than your basic firearm. The stock on this rifle uses a classic teak finish for a stylish appearance, while the forend features rails for mounting your choice of accessories.

Riley Defense Rifle’s RAK74-C AK style rifle is a truly revolutionary design that was built to perform. The RAK74-C is the first of its kind to use a piston operating system in an AK style rifle. This design significantly reduces recoil and increases accuracy by using a softer recoil spring and buffer, allowing for a longer barrel than ever before. With over 1,000 rounds through the weapon, your new RAK74-C will break in easily and be ready for anything you throw at it!

This rifle is ready to go, this model includes a high quality classic teak wood stock, a custom DPMS LR-308 Magpul MOE AK style pistol grip and sling. The rifle also comes with all of the standard factory upgrades including: ambidextrous safety, FRS Handguard with heat shields, two-stage trigger and a buffer tube kit (everything needed to complete the lower receiver).

The RAK74-C rifle is fitted with our new Covert Tactical Folding Stock which allows the stock to fold to the side and lie parallel to the barrel, greatly increasing the rifle’s profile for transport. The wood is a solid piece of walnut with a rich, dark brown finish that can be acquired by no other method than handcrafting. Other features include: 24×1.5mm right hand threads on muzzle; 1/2×28 thread pitch; left-hand safety lever protects right-handed shooters during lulls in action by blocking access to the safety lever; and adjustable gas block for easier suppressor use or to regulate empty case ejection force.

Riley Defense AK74-C 5.45×39 Rifle – Classic Teak 16.25″ This rifle is a classic tacticool AK74. The Riley Defense RAK-74C is the new standard in Kalashnikov style rifles and we have it available in 5.45x39mm at a price that makes owning one affordable!

This is a new build from Riley Defense using all milspec parts. The classic teak wood grips are included. The rifle comes with a Magpul MOE stock and grip, safety lever, pistol grip, gas piston upper and lower, US made railed handguards and sight system.

Riley Defense AK-47 RD-10-C 16.25″ Classic Teak is the classic teak wood finish, with a black synthetic stock and forend to make a very clean looking rifle. This riley defense ak is built on a Romanian WASR-10/63 (1920 model) Military Carbine Barrel that has been refurbished by Riley Defense using parts from other manufacturers. The barrel is finished in Parkerized Steel and the receiver is phosphate coated black.

This rifle is in great condition. Has only been shot a few times, but never in any type of competition. The receiver has not been milled or modified in any way except for the threading above the rear sight to accommodate an AK47 optic. The rifle comes with 30rd magazines and a hard case.

Riley Defense RAK-74-C Ak-47 Rifle 5.45 x 39mm Russian SAIGA Stock Black Cerakote Bead Blasted 6.6 lbs, 16.25″ barrel NEW! Free Shipping – Order today!

The Riley Defense RAK74-C is a classic teak wood finish ak rifle, chambered in 5.45×39. A build that combines modern technical innovations with timeless styling, this rifle is ready to be put to the test on the range or at combat distances.

The RILEY DEFENSE RAK74-C is designed to be a high quality, reliable and performance based AK platform rifle. This variant has been branded to add aesthetics, along with an enhanced magazine release lever for smooth operation. Features a 16.25″ NiB coated barrel, custom TEAK furniture including hand guard and pistol grip, side folding mechanism and 5.56×39 Caliber magazine

The RAK-74C is an affordably priced AK that is built on tried and true construction methods. The “K” stands for Kalashnikov, after Russian arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov who invented the original AK rifle in 1947. The 74 was added to differentiate it from the model 47 version which preceded the more modern 74, hence RAK74-C. This rifle comes with 1 30 round magpul polymer magazine, sling, cleaning rod and manual. Additional mags are available for purchase for $30 each at checkout if desired


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