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marlin 336 dark series for sale – 3030 WIN RIFLE 16.25. Work on your aim at the range with the Marlin Model 336 Dark Series 30-30 Winchester LeverAction Centerfire Rifle.

This lever-action rifle is built with a parkerized metal barrel and a threaded muzzle, and it features a 5-round capacity. The large, paracord-wrapped loop lever, paracord sling, and XS lever rail with ghost ring round out the design.

Features: marlin 336 dark series for sale

  • 3030 Win.
  • 5-shot, full length tubular magazine
  • 16.25″ Barrel
  • Threaded muzzle 5/8″x24
  • Parkerized finish on metal
  • Paracord Sling
  • XS Lever Rail with Ghost Ring
  • Black stock painted with black webbing
  • Big Loop Lever
  • Paracord wrapped lever
  • Overall Length: 34.5
  • Approximate Weight: 7.65lbs

 BENEFITS. marlin 336 dark series for sale

  • Lever action with a 5-round capacity
  • Parkerized metal barrel
  • Stock with painted webbing
  • Large, paracord-wrapped loop lever
  • Threaded muzzle
  • Paracord sling
  • XS lever rail with a ghost ring

This Marlin Model 336 “Dark Series” rifle is chambered in 30-30 Win, and has a round barrel. The overall length of the gun is 37.5″, while the factory rear sight has fiberoptics to allow for quick target acquisition. This rifle weighs 7.9 lbs with an unloaded weight of 6.8 lbs, making it ideal for hunting or plinking.

This Marlin 336 Dark Series 30-30 Win Rifle is the result of several years of development by Marlin’s design team to produce a rifle that combines all the famous features of their Model 336 lever action but with some revolutionary new ideas. The 20″ barrel has an improved cylinder choke tube installed and comes in either blued or stainless finish.

The Model 336 is the flagship of Marlin’s centerfire bolt action rifle line. The 336 is built on a forged steel receiver, which matches the quality of the barrels and actions. The model 336 SS also features an oversized bolt handle, Mariln 3-position safety, and hammer-forged barrel with micro-groove rifling.

Marlin’s Model 336 Dark Series is a bolt action rifle with a 30-30 chamber, an 18.5-inch barrel and a two-round magazine capacity. This model has a black Hogue Overmold pistol grip, the standard 5-shot clip and an 18.5 inch barrel with a blue carbon steel finish. It weighs 4.4 pounds and has post front sight and fully adjustable rear sight that has fiberoptics and tritium inserts for low light conditions. The Model 336 Dark Series is compact and lightweight enough to be carried all day but still packs enough punch to bring down deer, coyotes and other game at their respective distances.

Marlin model 336 dark series in 30-30 win. Rifle is 16.25 inch barrel with adjustable buckhorn sight and beaded ramp front sight, rubber recoil pad and sling swivels.

The Marlin 336 is a lever action rifle known for good accuracy, reliability and low recoil. It features a 16.25″ round barrel with a medium contour and satin blued finish. The wood has a classic Sateen Brown finish on the stock, while the forearm is browned in color with a matte black pistol grip cap


The Marlin Model 336 Dark Series Rifle is an affordable option for a light rifle that’s fun to shoot and easy on the eyes. It has a dark blued receiver, synthetic stock, and smooth, reliable action. The bolt handle can be switched to either side as well as the safety being left or right hand lever. The pre-loaded Marlin scope bases allow you to choose whatever scope you want and not worry about drilling and tapping the receiver.

The Model 336 Dark Series stainless steel barrel and receiver make this Marlin a premium deer gun. It features a traditional high-grade Monte Carlo style stock, an 18-inch barrel for fast handling and feeding, and dual front bead sights. You get the reliability and performance of a lever action that has been the choice for generations of hunters.

Ideal for taking a deer or harvesting some wild game, the Marlin Model 336 dark series is a timeless design. This rifle features a durable, blued carbon steel barrel and tang safety for piece of mind during use. The 16.25″ long barrel has a light contour that allows for superior maneuverability in the field. The two-round tubular magazine holds five rounds with .30-30 Winchester ammunition, and can be replaced with an optional five-round magazine tube that takes quick detachable scope mounts.

The Model 336 Dark Series adds a new dimension to the Model 336 lineup. Its blued finish and satin-grayed American black walnut stock add a unique look, but the Dark Series’ longer 20″ barrel and additional half-inch at the muzzle make up for an advantage over other popular deer rifles

Model 336 Rifle. This Marlin 336 is dark in color as seen in the photos and has a rugged camo stock on it as well. It also has a cut checkering on the forend and wrist, which gives you a really nice grip on this gun while youre shooting it. The barrel length is 16.25 inches of blued steel and its got a nice Weaver style sight on top. The overall length of this gun is 37.5 inches with an 18 inch barrel, so this is a nice compact rifle that will fit into just about any saddle scabbard you can find inside that saddle bag when you travel

A classic deer rifle, Marlin’s Model 336 Dark is ready to drop the hammer on your next big game adventure.

This Marlin Model 336 Dark Series 30-30 Win Rifle is a popular, affordable and durable Marlin lever action rifle. It features a brown laminated wood stock with smooth straight grip and staggered brass buttplate. This Marlin also features a drilled and tapped receiver, semi-buckhorn sights, XS ghost ring sight set with adjustable rear sight and a rubber recoil pad.

The Model 336™ Lever-Action Rifle is the perfect marriage of traditional look, feel and lever-action performance with a modern design and modern materials. The 336 is available in a variety of traditional configurations and calibers, including .30-30 Win., .35 Rem. and .444 Marlin™.

One of the most widely used rifles in the world, the Marlin Model 336 is an affordable, reliable and accurate 30-30 Winchester lever action rifle that comes in a variety of models.

This Marlin model 336 dark series 30-30 win rifle incorporated a synthetic stock, stainless steel barreled action and a 5+1 capacity. The overall length of the rifle is 39” and it weighs 6.5 lbs. This rifle features reliable brass hammer block safety, dual pillar bedding system, exhibition grade checkered walnut stock and forend with satin finish. It comes with adjustable semi-buckhorn sights that are easy to adjust for windage and elevation.

The Marlin Model 336 is a lever-action rifle categorized as an American classic. It was introduced in 1948 by the Marlin Firearms Company as a replacement for the Model 1893. The Model 336 was produced until 1998 and has recently returned to production. The rifle is available in several calibers, but is perhaps most well known in th e .30-30 Winchester cartridge, which was the standard chambering.[1]

This Marlin model 336 dark series 30-30 win rifle features a satin blued carbon steel barrel and a satin blued receiver. The steel colorized stock and receiver is a 12.5 degree tapered pistol grip cap, black Walnut with cut checkering and recessed scope bases for scope mounts. It comes with one year of either the transferable lifetime limited warranty or the new lifetime warranty depending on when you purchased your rifle from Marlin.

The Marlin Model 336 has been in production for over 70 years. The 30-30 is the classic American hunting rifle, and the 336 model is a fine example of that tradition. This rifle features a Micro-Groove rifling process; this process allows for five grooves instead of six on traditional rifling, yet creates a more accurate and easier to clean bore.

The Marlin 336 Dark series is a beautiful and reliable deer rifle, with the look of a classic lever action. This offers a two-screw adjustable peep sight and sling swivel studs. The smooth, quick feeding tube is of superior design and finish, while the blued steel receiver and round barrel add to the visual appeal of this classic rifle.

If you’re looking for a 30-30 Winchester rifle, then check out the Marlin Model 336. This compact rifle has a heavy barrel, making it ideal for hunting small game such as squirrels or wild turkey. It also comes with a skeleton stock for added comfort and control over your firearm. The bead sight allows for easy aiming and quick target acquisition in low light conditions. Purchase one today before we run out!

This Marlin model 336 dark series rifle is lightweight, and has a 16.25 inch barrel. It comes with an American classic walnut stock with a satin finish, black composite housing and a blued steel barrel and receiver. This rifle features an adjustable x-bolt design, a 3-position safety with the all-important Rebounding firing pin wrench, free floating extended leveraged factory forearm with carbon steel gas block, reversible hammer spur to allow you to use your favorite scope base, swivel studs & sling loops on both sides of the stock & swivel studs in the hand guard

The Marlin Model 336A can either be a pistol grip or straight stocked carbine. The total length is 40.75″ and the barrel length is 18 inches. It has a 2 round capacity magazine, an overall blued finish, and weighs 6.5 pounds.



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