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lee armory ak 74

Lee Armory and Legendary AKM Manufacture M+M Industries (M10X Rifles) teamed up to provide a cost effective AKM Style Rifle manufactured from current Forged Military Production Parts. Each rifle contains hand pressed Russian Spec Rivets and a Romanian Military Cold Hammer Forged Barrel.

Cerakote by We Plead The 2nd, XTech MAG47 Magazines and Tango Down Grips for compliance. They are proud to announce, the Romanian Military Classic AKM!


  • Cartridge:  7.62x39mm
  • Operation:  Gas, Selective Fire
  • Locking:  Rotating Bolt
  • Feed:  Detachable Box Magazine
  • Magazine Capacity:  30 rounds
  • Muzzle Velocity:  715 m / s
  • Rate of Fire:  Cyclic, 600 rounds / min
  • Rifting:  4 grooves rh, 1 turn in 240 mm
  • Weapon Length:  870 mm
  • Barrel Length:  415 mm
  • Sight Radius:  384 mm
  • Weight Without Magazine:  3300 kg
  • Weight of Empty Magazine:  0.350 kg

Weight 7 lbs. 6.3 oz.

The Lee Armory is pleased to announce the release of our new Romanian Military Classic. Designed from the ground up in collaboration with an experienced collector and operator, this rifle was created to give the gun owner a high quality rifle at an affordable price. Our exclusive Cerakote finish provides unparalleled durability and will last longer than any other finish on the market.

This is a Lee Armory Romanian Military Classic 7.62X39 AKM Rifle – 16.3″. This rifle features a chrome lined barrel, with 1:10 twist and AKM muzzle brake threaded on. Comes with a Tapco G2 Trigger Group, and two 30 round magazines. Comes with cleaning kit, sling and bayonet

The Romanian Military Classic is a semi-automatic rifle that was developed in Romania and produced at the Cugir Arms Factory. This is an accurate replica of one of the rifles that has been manufactured since the 1960’s for use by the soldiers or civilians.

This is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39. Made from solid metal, this AKM is built to last. It’s perfect for target practice and plinking, but also works well as an economical self-defense weapon.

The Lee Armory Romanian Military Classic rifle features the standard AKM milled receiver and classic Romanian wood stock. Also is equipped with a 16.3” barrel and staked gas piston system.

The Lee Armory AK-47 Romanian is a semi-automatic rifle built for sport and recreation. Its high quality construction and modern materials make this an excellent gun for the AK enthusiast. This is an authentic Romanian military class 3 AKM with 16” barrel and side rail, that features hardwood furniture, a Romanian folding bayonet, peep sights, and a 24mm stamped muzzle brake.

The Lee Armory Romy AKM is a Romanian stamped receiver, milled barrel rifle that is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original specifications of the AKM rifle system. Its high quality and unique features make it a work of art and a collectors item for all gun enthusiasts who choose high-quality firearms.

Lee Armory AK47 – 7.62×39 – Romanian Military Classic. Brand new, fully U.S.-made “47”, manufactured by Leebug, with a parkerized finish, wood handguard and polymer stock in black. 16.3″ barrel, “F” stamped receiver and all original parts as per manufacturer specs. lee armory

This AKM rifle, manufactured by LEE Armory in Romania and imported into the US by LEE Armory, is designed to give you many years of service. The 16.3″ barrel is made from high-quality stainless steel and black phosphate-coated for easy maintenance. The receiver and buttstock are made from stamped steel with authentic romanian markings.

The Lee Armory AKM Romanian Military Classic features a 16.3″ Barrel and traditional chassis style furniture. This rifle is manufactured in Romania, hand built and assembled by our team of master gunsmiths. It comes with a 1 year warranty and your choice of 30rd magazines.

This is a LEE ARMORY Romanian AKM Rifle imported directly from Romania featuring a 16.3″ barrel and wood furniture. This rifle is brand new and has never been fired or test fired.

The Romanian Military Classic AKM is the real deal — a perfect replica of the original.This rifle is built on a stamped receiver with authentic roll marks and radiated heat cosmoline finish just like the original! Comes with 545mm barrel and handguards, chambered in 7.62x39mm caliber with an extended magazine well.

The LEE ARMORY ROMANIAN MILITARY CLASSIC 7.62X39 AKM RIFLE is a perfect choice for those wanting an affordable, dependable and accurate rifle. The RPK Rifle has the option of adding a scope mount base in addition to the standard scope rail found on these rifles.

The new Lee Armory Romanian Military Classic AKM Rifle is just like the original AKs that were imported into the country prior to 1989, except this one has been reworked with all new parts. The only original parts on this rifle are the barrel and receiver. All of the other components are brand new and guaranteed to perform flawlessly for years to come.

The Lee Armory Romanian Military Classic AKM Rifle is a reproduction of the AKM assault rifle, and features a 16″ barrel and all-new semi auto, roller lock-up design. The AKM is the most popular stamped receiver AK style rifle to date, and is in use world wide by military and law enforcement. Our Romanians Military Classic rifles are built to comply with U.S. law for civilian use only by persons aged 18 years or older.

The Rifle 7.62X39mm is a combination of the capabilities found in a traditional rifle and submachine gun. The Rifle 7.62X39mm was designed for those who seek an alternative to the traditional assault rifle platform with a combination of full-auto capability, high accuracy and power that is not available in any other weapon system.


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