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galil ace for sale

galil ace for sale. The modernized Galil ACE is based upon the reliable mechanism of the original Galil rifle first developed by IMI in the late 1960’s. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Russian AK-47 and the Finnish Valmet RK 62, the IWI Galil ACE has been continuously improved over the last 40 years, resulting in today’s extremely reliable and highly accurate Galil ACE.


Improvements made since the original Galil was first developed include:

  • Charging handle (reciprocating) moved to the left side of the milled steel receiver allowing for weak hand operation
  • AKM/AK-47 magazine compatibility. (Note that the Galil ACE rifle is assembled in the US from imported and US parts under 18 U.S.C  § 922(r). You should only use magazines made in the USA in your Galil ACE rifle. Use of an imported magazine may put you in violation of 18 U.S.C § 922(r).)
  • Weight reduction with the use of modern polymers
  • Full length 2-piece Picatinny style top rail
  • Picatinny style tri-rail forearm with built in, slide on/ off rail covers with pressure switch access
  • Side Folding adjustable telescoping buttstock with 2 position removable comb on all rifle models
  • Fully adjustable iron sights with Tritium front post



  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Action: Semi-auto
  • Operating System: Closed rotating bolt, Long stroke gas piston
  • Magazine Type: MAGPUL MOE AK/AKM PMAG
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 Round
  • Barrel Material: Chrome lined, Cold hammer forged, CrMoV
  • Barrel Length: 16″
  • Overall Length: 34.5″ (Buttstock Unfolded and Collapsed)
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs w/out Magazine
  • Rifling: 1:9.45 inch twist, Right hand
  • Sights: Adjustable with Tritium front post and 2-dot Tritium rear aperture.

The GALIL ACE assault rifle is an Israeli weapon designed and manufactured by IWI US, a subsidiary of Israel Weapons Industries (IW).

The Galil ACE is a battle-tested masterpiece and a tried and true favorite of the Israeli Defense Forces. Now, that same innovation and reliability is available in an American-made, semi-auto centerfire rifle sporting a modern operating system and a lightweight profile that’s perfect for long days on the range or in the field.

The Galil ACE, in 7.62×39, is a new take on an iconic design. The Galil ACE incorporates all the important elements of the legendary Galil rifle, including its overall shape and most of the original internal components. The result is an easy-to-handle system with exceptionally reliable feeding, cycling and firing. The majority of the firearm’s features are designed for extreme durability and for use under unpredicted conditions – making this rifle ideal for military and law enforcement applications.

M-LOK® handguard for the ultimate in modularity, strength and durability. 16″ medium contour, chrome lined cold hammer forged barrel with muzzle brake. Two stage tigger with a pistol-length recoil rod for reduced felt recoil and faster follow up shots when needing to fire multiple rounds quickly. 20-round magazine.

This full-size Galil ACE rifle features an AK pistol grip and foldable stock for maximum versatility, perfect for competition or recreational shooting. Featuring a top rail for mounting optics and the IWI Key-Mod handguard for the ultimate in accessory placement, this 7.62x39mm carbine is built on a Stabilizing Brace® ensuring you can keep it on target even with long-term use.

The Galil ACE Pistol is a modified version of the Israeli Military Forces standard issue Galil SAR rifle. It is made of steel, aluminum alloy, and polymer with a corrosion resistant finish. The 7.62x39mm (AK-47) chambering allows for use of both surplus and factory ammunition as well as allowing for customization through a wide variety of conversion kits, including one that turns the rifle into a semi-automatic so it can be used with any AK-style magazine.

The IWI US Galil ACE 7.62x39mm Russian rifle comes ready to shoot, featuring a 16″ barrel with a carbine length foreend. It has a 7.45lbs overall weight, black polymer furniture and collapsible stock. The Galil ACE is equipped with the Microtrac gas piston system which allows for easy cleaning beyond any other rifle currently in production. galil ace

The Galil ACE 7.62X39 RIFLE is an excellent choice for M4/M16 users looking to upgrade to a modular platform from the ground up, or AR-15 owners looking to replace their current carbine. The 16″ rifled barrel can accept standard AK accessories and magazines, but has been modified to work with the Super Galil rail system, which allows you to add optics, lights and lasers without any restrictions that you might find with other rifle systems.

The IWI US Galil ACE 7.62x39mm Rifle has a free-floating Cold Hammer Forged barrel and Side Folding Angled Fore Grip for comfort and control. It also features an integral 2-port muzzle brake disables the gas port when closed, which boosts recoil reduction.

The IWI US GALIL ACE 7.62X39 Rifle is the top of the line for Galil-style rifles, and is built to be the most durable, accurate, and reliable rifle on the market. This rifle is made from 4140 steel barstock with a 1:10 twist rate and features a 16″ barrel. It comes standard with an original IWI Galil/Galatz folding skeletonized stock that accepts AK magazines and an original Galil-style pistol grip. The receiver has been modified to accept AK47 magazines. This firearm features a parkerized finish and black furniture.

The Galil ACE 7.62X39 Rifle is a member of the IWI Galil family, and the first to come chambered in 7.62x39mm. The Galil Ace features a stamped receiver and conventional AK-47 type trigger group made of steel which enable this rifle to maintain the AK-47’s legendary reliability in harsh conditions for decades. It has an ambidextrous safety lever – also made from steel as in the original and hammer forged barrel, as well as a dust cover, forward assist and magazine catch – all made from heat treated steel.

The Galil ACE is a 7.62x39mm caliber short-stroke gas operated rifle with a rotating bolt locking head that locks into the barrel extension. The Galil ACE uses a two position gas regulator which can be set to normal or suppressed, allowing it to cycle with standard and subsonic ammunition. It comes in two different versions (IWI US GALIL ACE 7.62X39 RIFLE – 16″ and IWI US GALIL ACE 556NATO PISTOL – 10.8″) and both are chambered in 7.62×39 and 5.56 × 45 NATO, making them truly multi-caliber firearms that can be quickly switched between calibers on the same receiver by simply adding or removing barrels, bolts, magazines and recoil springs for each caliber magazine adapter kits are available for this purpose (sold separately).


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