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Tokyo Marui G3 SAS (High Cycle) | RedWolf – RedWolf .

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Model: G3 SERIES
Net Weight (kg): 2.43



Gun stores near me.The G3 sas is an early Cold War era battle rifle of German origin. It was developed in the 1950’s by Heckler & Koch to supply the West German military with a new rifle after World War 2. The design of the G3 is based on the early developments of the Spanish CETME Model 58 rifle, which itself was based on German development at the later stages of World War 2. The G3 is the grandfather of a wide range of Heckler & Koch weapons such as the famous MP5 sub machine gun, HK 33 assault rifle, the PSG-1 sniper rifle and the HK 21 machine gun.


The G3 has a conventional layout and features the roller delayed blowback mechanism. Early models had wooden stocks and handguards. These soon changed to a light green or light brown plastic stock and slimline handguard. Later on the wider “tropical” handguard was fitted, which was available in green and black. The G3 uses diopter sights with a rotating drum rear sight. The stamped receiver and delayed blowback mechanism makes the G3 a cost-effective design.


Gun stores near me.The G3 fires the 7.62x51mm NATO round from 20 round metal or plastic magazines. The G3 fires semi-automatic and fully automatic at a rate of fire of about 550 to 600 rounds per minute. The G3 is a very reliable rifle that functions well in arduous terrain. Since several sniper rifles were based on the design of the G3 it has gotten an image of being very accurate. In practice the accuracy is not spectacular, being on par with similar contemporary battle rifles.


The G3 was the standard issue rifle of the German army for several decades. It was adopted by many nations as their standard issue rifle and was nearly as successful as the Belgian FAL. The G3 remains in active use today, although nowadays the G3 is more and more replaced by lighter and more modern assault rifles.


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