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9mm ammo

9mm ammo.The G2C 9mm from Taurus is an excellent choice for a concealed carry weapon. Featuring a lightweight 21-ounce polymer frame, a thin profile, and just a 3.25” barrel, it’s comfortable to carry all day while still offering reliable performance and accuracy.

Chambered in 9mm, this model comes with two 12-round magazines, white dot sights that are easy to see, and a textured polymer grip that feels great in your hand.


As the clip shows, Taurus guns can go off without a finger on the trigger (skip to about a minute in to see the malfunction in action). A man shakes the loaded gun for only a few seconds before it fires on its own. This happens a second, and a third time. The Sao Paolo Military Police recalled nearly 100,000 Taurus guns when the flaw was discovered a few years ago.


The terms of the class action settlement announced this summer allow owners of nine different Taurus models to exchange their gun for cash, or turn it in for free repairs.

In one of the new suits, an Alabama man has taken the company to court over a fatal accident involving his Taurus PT 609 9mm handgun. The incident occurred as the gun owner was having trouble getting a magazine to insert securely. Guns.com reports what happened next: “He then bumped the bottom of the mag with his palm,”


“instead of seating the magazine, it made the slide slam shut.” The man bumped the magazine a second time, and the gun went off. The bullet struck his hand and his wife’s arm before fatally hitting his 11-year-old son in the neck. The gun owner had never touched the trigger.


plaintiff in the second suit is a Kentucky police officer whose Taurus also accidentally discharged, in his case after falling out of his holster. The bullet hit his leg and caused extensive nerve, muscle, and bone damage. Both lawsuits seek monetary compensation plus attorney and court fees.


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